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Bibframe2Schema.org is a community initiative with the following initial objectives:

†Bibframe 2.0 as per the Library of Congress BIBFRAME definition and MARC conversion specifications.

To assist understanding and development this site hosts a Comparison Viewer Tool. This web tool enables the loading of Bibframe files, including those available via the Library of Congress, and processing them with the latest version of conversion script, demonstrating the Schema.org output equivalent.

This site links to the W3C Community Group that supports discussions towards the evolution of relevant tools and conversion standards.

Discussions take place on the community mailing list, and within the community wiki. These are open to all to participate.

Produced code and conversion scripts are held in a Github repository under an open source license.

For questions and further details contact Community Group Chair Richard Wallis.

V2.00 - bibframe2schema.org Community Group - 2020-2023 CC0